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Postcard Exchange

  • 19 Jul 2021
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Sometimes you just don't have time to write a whole letter. A postcard, on the other hand, can be written and mailed in just a few minutes. Unless, of course, you're the crafty type.

In our Postcard Exchange, held the third Monday of every month, registrants will be given a random name to whom they will mail a postcard. Within a week of the name pairings, mail your postcard!

You must register for each monthly Postcard Exchange in which you wish to participate. You will receive your name, via email, on the day of the event.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Vintage, thin, and uncoated (e.g. non-glossy) postcards work best in typewriters.
  2. You can type on regular paper or labels and affix them to a postcard if you have trouble getting a postcard to feed through a typewriter.
  3. Postcard postage is cheaper, as long as you meet the requirements for a domestic postcard--e.g. size, thickness, etc.
  4. If the postcard is travelling internationally, it will require special international postage.

Be sure to mail your postcard within 7 days.

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